Akuji Saito

NSFW Creative Talent

Enchanted to make your acquaintance - I am Akuji Saito.
I am a formally-trained actor who possesses strong acting instinct, an impressive vocal range and not only the ability to self-direct but to also take direction well.
I have appeared in officially-licensed English hentai dubs, independent full-feature animations, short animated loops, games, comic dubs and so much more.Allow me to elevate your project to the next level!

By accessing this site you agree you are over 18 and consent to run into potentially objectionable fictional pornographic content.
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Logo by Velvetique

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Voice Matches & Original Characters

  • Mallory (@Pace_R18)

  • Mizuki (@gabbadraws)

  • Tail-Blazer: Sophia

  • Riley Moore: Cassie (belongs to @theycallhimcake)

  • MendezSFM: Jenny

  • Rebecca (Cyberpunk)

  • Zelda | Samus | Peach | Daisy | Rosalina | Palutena

  • Soraka | Lulu | Tristana | Miss Fortune | Lux | Ahri | Akali | Evelynn | Morgana | Riven

  • Tracer | D.va | Mei | Mercy | Sombra

  • Pinkie Pie | AppleJack | Fluttershy | Celestia | Princess Cadence | Starlight Glimmer

  • Panty | Stocking | 2B | Darkness | Megumin | Aqua | Ruby | Nico (DMC) | Tina (DOA) | Ganyu | Eula | Ilulu | Ranni | Tifa | Aerith | Millie Knolastname | Loba | Misato Katsuragi | Asuka Langley | Rei Ayanami | Marianne von Edmund

  • Don't see someone you want voiced here? Send me a few lines and a vocal reference and let me work my magic!

Client Commendations

"Akuji Saito has been easy to communicate with while being able to deliver high quality sound and acting ability in a timely manner! They are very professional and willing to work under many different themes and genres!"
Phoenix Ero Audio

"Akuji is very easy to work with. They're able to deliver quality voice work, have a flexible voice range, and is very open to different kinks and themes. They're willing to work with you until you're satisfied and have a product you're happy with."

"Working with Akuji is always a delight. Not only do they have a magnificent work ethic, their versatility and willingness to tackle every kind of kink and challenge are off the charts. They're consistently in mind when I think of great voices for my projects, as they should absolutely be in the plans for every sort of role."
Crimson Kitten

"Akuji is friendly, responsive and knows how to turn feedback into great voice work. During my time working with them, I had no doubt that they were more than capable of giving my project exactly what was needed. A wonderful person to work with and a great talent!"

"Just coming across this wonderful VA has been nothing short of a blessing, so to especially work with someone such as them is honestly something I can only describe as wonderful. Giving life, motivation and vibrancy to everything they do, I can honestly say this champ has touched hearts and is such a phenomenal VA where you truly feel as if the character is right there with you. Astounding and amazing skills soaring beyond the clouds, I wholly recommend y'all work with them. You will not regret a single thing"

"Working with Akuji Saito is a breeze, they are highly professional and very talented. I am very glad I hired them to voice our characters. A highly recommended VA."
Andrealphus Games

"Akuji is a very understanding and communicative talent when it comes to handling personal projects. On top of that, their talent is insurmountable when it comes to performing, from soft to more hard-core content, there is nothing I've thrown at them that they had a hard time with. I cannot recommend them enough for whatever vice you crave."
Riley Moore

"Akuji has been nothing less than an absolute delight to work with. A beautiful voice with extremely wide range, their ability to adapt to any script and topic is so incredible I've often felt script direction was superfluous. Professional, punctual and excellent with communication: they have been the best commissioning experience I've ever had and always make me want to work with them again in the future."
Kiora LBS

"Akuji is friendly, organized, timely, and professional. They communicate great with clients and understand the creative process. And of course, not to mention excellent voice talent!
Akuji knows what's up when it comes to voice acting, and working with them is always a pleasure!"
The Expandinator

Are you a commissioner or client who wants to be featured on this page?
Please contact me with 2-3 sentences of your honest experience working with me and I'll post it!
No past clients or customers were compensated for their reviews. Reviews edited for spelling/mechanical errors only.

Technical Information

Recording Equipment

  • Microphone: S87

  • Interface: SSL2

  • DAW: Reaper/SourceConnect

  • Recorded in a broadcast quality sound-treated booth

Computer Specs

  • Processor 12th Gen Intel Core i5-12600K | 3.70 GHz

  • Installed RAM 16.0 GB

Services List

Skills Aside from Acting

  • Singing/Songwriting/Composition

  • Acting Coaching

  • Casting/Directing

  • Creative Script Writing & Editing

  • Article/Blog/Journalistic style Writing & Editing

  • Demo Reel Consultation, Writing & Direction

  • Brand & Marketing Consultation

  • Web Design (Carrd Only)

Banner by Velvetique

Video: Crimson Kitten
Mixing: Anonymous
Graphic Artist: Velvetique
Artist: Xyie Sheep

Music Used
"The Witch" composed and produced by "Vivek Abhishek"
"A NEW DAY" provided by 샛별
"Crawler In The Dark" provided by Royalty Free Zone
"With You" by Onycs
"Acoustic Blues" by Audionautix

Newbie Guide & FAQs

First time hiring a voice actor? Don't worry! I totally get it.
I can't cover every topic, but here's a comprehensive overview.
Please bear in mind that some actors do things differently so processes may vary!

  • Send your script including a vocal reference or description.

  • If you need a sample/audition please include 2-3 lines you'd like me to read.

  • Include details about the project (if it's an animation, a loop, a video game, etc.)

  • Include any audio specs you prefer/require

  • Include a deadline - if one is not provided, default target delivery is 5-7 days

  • Receive cost estimate & approve amount

  • Pay invoice

  • Receive audio

  • First 2 revisions FREE (within 3 weeks of receiving final product)

  • Revisions needed after 3 takes or 3 weeks incur a fee

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you work on SFW projects?

No. I only work on porn.

  • What counts as porn to you?

My personal rule of thumb is this: If the sexual content of the project is 51% or greater with the intent to cause arousal in the audience, then it's porn.
If your project could reasonably be considered a "rated R movie sex scene where things get steamy and it cuts in artistic, story-driven ways" then your project is probably not something I would consider porn.
As a fellow kinkster, I also understand the concept of covert fetish porn. Despite the fact that these kinks may be considered "SFW" outside of those in the know, I still consider these projects to be pornographic.

  • I am not sure if my project is SFW or NSFW. Can you help me decide which i need?

The major purpose of porn is to arouse. However with sex becoming a less and less taboo topic in general mainstream media, I recognize that some otherwise SFW stories may contain 1 or 2 hardcore full sex scenes because such projects don't wish to shy away from the adult aspect of some stories. I am available for hire for THESE SCENES ONLY. You will need to find a SFW actor for the rest of your project.

  • The price of my project is higher than expected. What do i do?

All clients regardless of rapport are eligible for partial payment options.First-time partial payments require 50% of the project's total up front as a deposit. After receipt of the first half, I will record the audio. Once the full payment is sent, I will release your product to you.Return clients whom I trust have the benefit of choosing to pay either the project minimum or 50% up front as well as multi-payment plan options.

Talking to Actors: A Crash Course

When describing a voice, please using terms like high/low pitch, raspy/bright quality, sarcastic tone, bubbly attitude, etc. helps get a good grasp on how the character should would or sound. Adjectives are your friends! These words are like telling an artist what your character looks like.However, voice and performance are different things. If you want a good performance, verbs are a must. Your character doesn't just "say", they reminisce, mourn, shout with glee, squeal with delight and more. Your character doesn't just sound "mad" - are they furious? Or just a little annoyed? This step is like telling an artist the colors and personality of your character.

A line is usually considered a complete sentence or thought. "I went to the store today." counts as 1 line. It can also mean a couple fragments. For example, "Oh! My! God! Can you believe it?!" - would count as 1 line.
Please keep in mind that what counts as a "line" can vary depending on who you talk to. What one person says may not apply to another. Straightforward yet professional communication is the key to successfully getting actors on board with your production.

Please include any necessary audio specifications! If you need a particular sample or bit rate please make sure you attach this information in your commission request. I usually record at a sample rate of 48kHz and a 24-bit rate. If you are unsure of your needs please alert me so we can work together to get you taken care of.

After some wonderful learning experiences while collaborating with multiple international clients, I have learned that using dates and exact times instead of days and relative times helps a lot for making deadlines. Having a set-in-stone agreement while discussing project details is essential.
"Friday evening" is fine, but whose Friday is it? Whose evening is it?
January 1, 2001 at 1:30 PM Eastern is much more helpful for everyone involved.
Please consider using language as conscise as possible to avoid communication mishaps.

If you have never contacted an actor before, you may feel intimidated. Just remember: we are people like anybody else. Please treat us like any other person you'd potentially hire for a service. Imagine calling your plumber to ask for a rate and then attempting to flirt with them while discussing deadlines and costs. It's awkward and you probably won't get a plumber out to your home that day. Or ever. Don't do it to me, either.

Directing is a skill that many people go to school for and make careers out of, but you don't have to be a Hollywood director to give direction. When discussing a character, the best terms to use with actors are verbs and emotions. In order to get the best performance and sound from your actor, you must speak their language. You talk to artists about color, hue, shading, etc. - so you need to talk to actors in terms they understand: raspy, sarcastic, nervous, desperate, old, young, low pitch, bubbly, or confident. The more you describe the person you want us to become, the easier it is for us to rise to your expectations.

Voiceover Rates

If you make money from my VO via sales, Gumroad, Patreon or SubscribeStar,
> additional fees may apply <

  • $0.40/word of dialogue

  • $30/min SFX/moaning

  • $45/min yelling/singing

Private Project Voiceover

You do not make money from my audio and it will be for personal listening ONLY

  • $0.45/word of dialogue

  • $35/min SFX/moaning

  • $50/min yelling/singing

  • +$20 Privacy Fee (this audio will be exclusive only to you and I will not post or re-sell it)

Extra Voiceover Services & Fees

  • $30 project minimum

  • $4 per line

  • revision fee: $20 after first two takes

  • rush fee: +50% project total (24h turnaround time)

  • paywall buyout: +20% project total

  • gumroad buyout: +250% project total

  • file splitting: $0.50/file

Writing Rates

Writing Services

  • Writing: $10 per 500 words

  • Proofreading/Editing: $10 per page

  • Songwriting projects accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please contact me with your track and a general concept for a quote.

Writing Fees

  • $10 project minimum

  • First two revisions are free

  • $20 per revision batch for 3+ revisions

Other Services

Web Design Services

  • $50 flat fee

  • +$5 per section/page

  • Carrd Only

  • Client must provide artistic/site graphic assets

  • Client is responsible for the cost of any required widgets

Message-based ERP/GFE Services

Do not record, save, stream, share or otherwise distribute our DMs or their contents under penalty of law. I DO NOT consent to any text or media being shared outside said DMs.

  • $0.10 per message flat rate

  • $50 minimum for vanilla session

  • $75 minimum for kink/fetish

Voice-based ERP Services

Do not record, save, stream, share or otherwise distribute calls under penalty of law.
I DO NOT consent to being recorded at any time during any calls for any reason.

  • $50 per 10 minutes (minimum)

  • +$10 Character voice

  • +$15 Use Titles or Honorifics (Mistress/Daddy/etc.)

  • +$50 Name moaning

  • +$50 Same-day booking

  • +$75 GFE

  • +$100 Immersive RP


I reserve the right to end any roleplay at any time for any reason without refund

ALL clients must show proof of age

Terms & Conditions

  • You must be 18+

  • By hiring me, collaborating with me or otherwise working or interacting with me, you TACITLY AGREE that you are 18+ and agree to the terms & conditions herein

  • All projects regardless of content are accepted on a case-by-case basis

  • I reserve all rights to my audio unless otherwise specified in a legally binding contract.

  • NO AI, no exceptions.

  • Ask permission before re-using my audio, especially among multiple projects

  • Properly credit me for my work

  • I reserve the right to cancel any commission for any or no reason. A refund will be issued depending on how much I have already recorded

  • I reserve the right to request my credit be removed from any project, at any time, for any or no reason.

  • At no time does any real or identifiable minor, animal or living being appear in any content created. All content produced by or featuring Akuji is purely fictional and contains fictional characters only. Any similarities to any person, animal, living being, circumstance or scenario is fictional and purely coincidental.

  • I neither condone nor facilitate in real life in any capacity, any scenarios or actions that take place in my fictional audio

  • By commissioning me, you agree not to hold Akuji Saito responsible for any potentially objectionable fictional content you choose to engage with hereforth.

AI Statement

  • The audio I record remains my property unless otherwise specified in a legally binding contract.

  • I have never, do not, nor will ever, allow my voice to be part of any AI direct or adjacent project.

  • All audio is my own work with my own voice.

  • I do not give permission for any person, bot, service, program, website, scraper or any other entity to use my voice in an AI database or to be handled with AI in any way.